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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

E3: Finally some progress on diversity?

If the act of improving diversity in video games needs a motto, how about this: "I just don't think that women should fight in bras on the battlefield."
It's really rather good, I think.
Paul Wedgwood, chief executive of games studio Splash Damage, was highlighting what he sees as an unquestionable absurdity: women are sometimes portrayed in games ludicrously and inappropriately dressed for the situation they are in - as if heaving cleavage was a more effective defence than body armour.
"We must not forget that we are entertainment," he added.
"There's nothing wrong with sexualising men or women, because that is called for in certain narratives and with certain casts.
"Just rarely is it necessary when someone is holding an AK-47."
Splash Damage, based in Bromley, UK, is a independent games studio that has worked on all manner of what you might consider to be uber-masculine titles. Games like Doom, Wolfenstein and Gears of War.
He and his colleagues were at the E3 games expo to promote Dirty Bomb, a first-person shooter in which you take control of a large cast of mercenaries deployed to a London ravaged by severe radiation.
It's a game that has been quietly complimented on its portrayal of women. They're strong. They're fearsome. They're sexy. And they're dressed… here's the breakthrough... like soldiers.
Source By BBC.COM


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