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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Has Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony been defeated?

The international hunt for Joseph Kony seems to be over, but the notorious rebel leader, who was first chased from his native Uganda to South Sudan and then to the Central African Republic, is still at large. So what do those civilians most vulnerable to attacks from Kony's Lord's Resistance Army do now?
Pierre Mbolihundo tells me the wood for his locally made shotgun comes from the jungle.
The trigger and barrel, which looks like a small water pipe, come from a big town to the west.
The prized possessions in his armoury are the imported "00" shells.
"Inside there are 15 or 16 pellets. If you see the enemies and shoot them, one bullet can kill five to 10 people."
In an area under threat of attack from Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army, and many other rebel groups, it is important to be resourceful.

Mr Mbolihundo is president of the Arrow Boys, a local vigilante group here in the town of Obo, in south-eastern Central African Republic.
But they are not trained and they are mostly armed with basic weapons like spears, and machetes.
The town has been relatively safe thanks to the presence of Ugandan troops supported by American forces. But now they are pulling out, saying that Kony is weak and irrelevant.
People here are not so sure.
Kony and his men first came to the Central African Republic in 2008. And as in South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, here they are accused of looting and carrying out killings, abductions, and rapes.
Source By BBC.COM


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