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Friday, 26 May 2017

Mario Testino to display his 'precious' art pieces

The extensive private art collection of the legendary photographer Mario Testino is to go on public display for the first time in the UK.
More than 500 works by artists including Tracey Emin and Gilbert & George will go on show at Sotheby's in London, before being sold at auction.
Testino is known for his glamorous, vibrant photos of the rich and famous.
He describes his art collection as "precious" and "a document of my time, of my eye, of the people I believe in".
Born in Lima, Peru in 1954, Testino came to London in 1976. Initially he struggled to make a living as a photographer.

"When I arrived in England I really had no knowledge of anything to do with art," he explains. He knew, he says, that he needed to learn more about photography, "to train myself" and "by looking at other photographers I was inspired by them".
Eventually he started making money and he bought his first photograph in the early 1980s. It was a picture of the actress Vivien Leigh by the surrealist photographer Angus McBean.
"I like beauty and I think she was one of those women gifted with beauty.
"Beauty today is considered a bit banal and a bit empty and a bit superficial. In the art world you probably can't mention that word, because it's not interesting or not deep enough. But I'm just always amazed by it."
His collection grew from there. He purchased works by Cecil Beaton and Richard Avedon - men who had first inspired him to pick up a camera.
Later, under the guidance of the gallery owner Sadie Coles, he started buying fine art. And while most of us are advised to buy what we like, Testino adopted a different approach.
Source By BBC.COM


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