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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sean FitzPatrick cleared as Anglo Irish trial collapses

The longest criminal trial in the history of the Irish state has collapsed after a judge ordered the acquittal of former Anglo Irish Bank chairman Sean FitzPatrick.
Mr FitzPatrick was accused of misleading the bank's auditors about millions of euros in loans made to him.
The 68-year-old had pleaded not guilty to 27 charges from 2002 and 2007.
On day 126 of the trial, the judge said he would direct the jury to acquit the defendant on Wednesday.
He said that the investigation into the accused was not sufficiently unbiased, impartial and balanced.
Speaking outside court, Mr FitzPatrick told reporters it had been a "very long, tiring and difficult time for my family and myself, but thankfully, today, the trial is over".

Misled auditors

Mr FitzPatrick stepped down as chairman of Anglo Irish Bank in December 2008. A month later, the bank was nationalised after it was brought to the brink of collapse.
The move cost Irish taxpayers about 30bn euros (£23.4bn).
He was declared bankrupt in 2010.
Source By BBC.COM



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