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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The dark side of gaming: "I've been called a curry muncher..."

Jatinder Singh Nandra
Life online can be tough. Just navigating the nuances of social media without upsetting anyone can sometimes take serious concentration. But while the internet provides us all with a degree of anonymity, it also allows some people to speak their minds in ways they'd never dream of in person.
Perhaps nowhere is this truer than in the world of online gaming, where the internet's sense of personal liberation collides with intense competitiveness. And the results can be ugly. To coincide with our new film ' Eight statements gamers are definitely tired of hearing', here's an insight into the life of one online gamer...
Just a few weeks ago, while I was playing Rocket League (an arcade football multiplayer game where you play as cars), our team was winning pretty early into the game. That clearly didn’t go down too well with a member of the other team and because I like to include 'Singh' in all of my online usernames, that gave them some ammo. They decided to call me a ‘Paki.’ I mean, some Sikhs do come from Pakistan, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t guessing where my family is from. That also isn’t the first time I’ve had something like that thrown my way. I’ve had all manner of racial insults ranging from 'Curry muncher', 'terrorist' and my personal favourite, 'Sand N*gger'. That’s all on top of the (unfortunately) usual 'Smack Talk' that consists of 'Gay' and 'Your Mum' jokes.

For me personally, it’s easy to shrug it off and just ignore them. These comments don’t get to me and hopefully never will. But I don’t have to experience them 24/7 like others do. In August 2014, the online movement knows as #GamerGate began. Depending on who you ask, it was either a hate group who want women out of gaming, or a movement that wanted better and ethical games press.
I’m not here to debate what #GamerGate actually is - that's something you should decide for yourself - but there is one thing that always bothered me about the media coverage of #GamerGate. It was incredibly one-sided. All of the mainstream headlines referred to the harassment women were receiving because of #GamerGate, but not once was the other side considered. Supporters of the other side of #GamerGate, many of whom were also women, were also receiving death threats, rape threats and some were even doxxed, having their personal information leaked online.

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