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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The 'invisible epidemic' afflicting millions globally

There is an "invisible epidemic" afflicting the world, but it's not contagious or infectious, and there are often no outward symptoms.
It is hearing loss - a condition that can still have profound consequences, experts say.
"Hearing loss is considered an invisible epidemic because people don't see it or know that someone suffers from it," says De Wet Swanepoel, professor of audiology at South Africa's Pretoria University.
"Not even parents may realise their child has hearing loss before critical developmental periods have lapsed."
Delays in diagnosis can affect the educational attainment and life chances of children in particular. One in 10 children globally have "educationally significant" hearing loss, says Prof Swanepoel.
The problem is that there aren't enough trained audiologists able to go out to sometimes very remote, rural areas to diagnose the condition.
Source By BBC.COM


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