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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The rise of the tweenage vlogger

Nikki Christou, 12, known in the vlogging world as Nikki Lilly, makes YouTube videos about baking, make-up and a rare medical condition known as arterial venous malformation (AVM), something she was diagnosed with when she was six.
Her condition has resulted in a severe facial disfigurement and the constant risk of life-threatening nosebleeds.
She doesn't get many "haters" on her channel but admits that when she began vlogging, the cruel comments did upset her.
"It definitely got to me at first, and I may have shed a few tears - but, as I've grown as a vlogger, I've learnt that the comments from the haters are basically all the same.
"They may say things like, 'You are ugly,' but really they don't like themselves and they have nothing better to do."
Nikki currently has more than 200,000 subscribers to her channel and hopes to break the million mark at some point.
Making videos started as a hobby, a natural follow-on from the role-playing games she already loved.
When she began posting them to YouTube in 2013, she became part of a new generation of tweenagers - children from eight to 13 - who run their own channels.
She advises any newbies to "make sure they always show what they have made to their parents".
At first, Nikki's parents, worried by the reaction she might receive, insisted that the comments section was turned off.
But her mother says that once they saw how much it meant to Nikki and how much she craved feedback, they changed their minds.
Source By BBC.COM


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