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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Uncharted 4 wins best game at Bafta awards

Uncharted 4 has won the best game at this year's Bafta Games Awards.
Developers from its studio, Naughty Dog, said it was "unexpected". The action adventure title had earlier missed out on seven other categories it had been nominated for.
Chaotic restaurant kitchen game Overcooked took the prize for best British game and family title.
The surreal puzzle-platformer Inside had four wins, the most of any game at the London ceremony.
It took original property, artistic achievement, game design and narrative.
"I hate most voice acting in games, so getting a narrative [award] is very important to me," said game designer Arnt Jensen from Copenhagen-based studio Playdead.
Brenda Romero received this year's special award.
The co-owner of Romero Games has developed dozens of titles including the Wizardry series; Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes; and Playboy: The Mansion.
She said the British Academy of Film and Television Arts' event held importance.
"I remember when Bafta started recognising video games," she said.
"To me that was the single most important move in our entire industry for recognising us as an art form [at a time when] people were saying games were bad or games were wastes of time."
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