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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Why has Trump been so harsh on Iran?

This is President Donald Trump's first foray to the Middle East and it will not be his last. But he has already got one thing clear.
Antipathy towards Iran is the one thing that Washington's disparate allies in the region agree upon.
So bashing Tehran has been a prominent theme for Mr Trump both in Saudi Arabia and now in Israel.
Hostility to Iran is the glue that binds what some would like to believe is an emerging coalition between Israel, Saudi Arabia and the smaller Gulf States together.
But how far it really promises to shake up the sterile politics of the region is unclear.
A common purpose to contain Iran is one thing but can it really extend to bringing a new diplomatic dawn to the region?
For Mr Trump, criticising Tehran performs multiple functions. It allows him to sound tough on the world stage. Tougher than his predecessor, Barack Obama, who, he believes, signed one of the worst deals in history in reaching the nuclear accord with Iran.
It enables him to reassure both the Gulf Arabs and Israel at one and the same time. And it underscores the narrative of a common front emerging in the region that - at least according to the Trump administration - holds the enticing promise of a new dynamic in the log-jammed struggle between Israel and the Palestinians.
And, of course, it also sends a warning signal to Tehran about aspects of its policy in the region that Washington sees as contrary to US interests.
Much of Mr Trump's world view is now coming into a jarring contact with reality.
A Trump foreign policy is still very much a work in progress. This current trip is in large part ceremonial, it is very early in his presidency to be putting a toe into Middle Eastern waters.
Source By BBC.COM



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